Newsletters are distributed during the first week of each half term.

This will give details of current events, issues and themes.


Any extra information will be put on our Noticeboards and emailed to all parents during the term.


In order to maintain two way communication between Pre-School and parents, each child will also have a Busy Book and Bag.


In order to maintain two way communication between pre-school and parents, we have introduced a new system with an On-line Learning Journal called ‘Tapestry’.  The journal is used to reflect your child’s time at pre-school, using photographs and comments on their activities and progress through each session.


We also welcome parent’s comments and photos in the online journal, as this is a useful way to promote communication between home and pre-school, with a more holistic picture of each child.  Tapestry can only be accessed with a unique, secure password, created by the child’s parents/guardians, ensuring complete confidentiality of each individual journal.


We encourage each child to bring in items relevant to our weekly themes – such as a favourite toy, photo from home etc, in their ‘kit bag’, which is discussed and shared during snack time.  This reinforces their learning and helps to build their self-confidence.


We also have ‘All About Me’ books for each child at pre-school.  We ask parents/guardians to provide photos of your child and the family, home, pets, hobbies etc, as another communication link and discussion point for children – they all love seeing pictures of themselves and their families within the setting.


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